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In this modern and busy age, it is not possible for everyone to have fun from the big screen, because everyone is connected to their daily life schedule, thus, TV screens are not available at all times. To deal with this situation, the current generation prefers small screens in the form of IPTV applications, as smartphones are more accessible to everyone than TV screens. Thus, Flat Star TV is specially getable for all those hardcore lovers of TV content who do not have TV screens available all the time.

Verily, smartphone TV applications are an easy and short way to entertain yourself at any time by watching Tv channels, unlimited films, web series, dramas, and much more without any further investment and expense. Indeed, the Flat Star APK is a living example of this. No doubt, this TV application lets you stream a lot of free and premium content on your smartphone device. If you want to enjoy your free time at no cost, then grab this awesome app and watch all kinds of standard content in it.

What is Flat Star?

Flat Star APK is currently a popular streaming TV App for smartphone users to enjoy thousands of TV channels, movies, live sports, documentaries, web series, and a lot more. The user interface of this application is outstanding for all types of users, whether you are well-educated or illiterate. On the other hand, it is a fully functional and money-free application. Thus, you don’t have to pay a single bug for the features and service that it is going to provide to you.

If you think that only the Flat Star TV app will not be able to satisfy you from various angles, then we can recommend CrickPK with it. Likewise, both reasonable and outstanding applications will suffice to provide any kind of content. In fact, many of its alternative apps are popular on the web, some are free and some are paid. Perhaps, you have already used some of them. Nevertheless, I guarantee that you have never experienced such a rich application before. Therefore, download it, and open a unique and free door to countless international & local content.

Features of Flat Star App:

You will be really surprised when you see its available content because all the content in it is categorized into various categories. Therefore, check out what kind of content you like the most. Anyhow, all categories are money-free, as developers make money from ads, not from users. So, the following details belong to this great application.


This is the first page/section of FlatStar TV APK or App where multiple contents are showcased together, such as the latest TV channels, trending content, related videos, new releases, new releases of this week, and many more.

Discover Box:

With this section, you can find your desired content, whether it’s movies, web series, live sports, or something else. Basically, this section is free for those people who don’t want to see random content but want to watch their desired content directly.


This category allows you to watch mostly trending content, such as live sports, and more. Therefore, in this category, you will find only fresh content.


The library section is full of entertaining material. Therefore, this section provides movies, web series, dramas, and much more.

My List:

Finally, you can add your favorite content to this section. That way, you’ll be able to easily and seamlessly access your favorite content.

How to Download and Install Flat Star TV APK?

Since Flat Star is a third-party app and totally unique from google play store apps. The plus point of such third-party apps is their simple and easy usage procedure. Therefore, these apps are as easy to use as children’s work. However, the following features will make this process even easier. Therefore it is important to follow them.

  • Download the FlatStar app from the link button above.
  • Please open an unknown source option for this, as it is an official third-party app.
  • Now locate this file on your device and install it immediately.
  • Note, you need to create an account to use its content.
  • So, log in to the app using the correct information.

That’s all about the FlatStar TV application. So, log in to the app and explore all the available content in its various categories, and have unlimited fun. If you’re stuck anywhere, you can contact us via the Contact Us page or in the comments. Therefore, we will help you to solve your problems.


What else would you like while you can watch separate TV channels, live sports, Bollywood & Hollywood films, etc. for free in this lifetime free application Flat Star TV APK. Of course, if you are an intelligent and smart person, then never take it lightly, as it provides the same service and features as other premium streaming applications provide. In short, it’s a fabulous source of entertainment, but it’s still an unofficial platform. Because of this, in some cases, it can get stuck during streaming. Still, it’s tolerable. Besides it, overall this tv app is unbelievable.

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