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Indeed, the worst feeling in the world is when you forget or lose your account details, ie login credentials, passwords, etc. However, in the current decade, you can retrieve different account details through various resources. Similarly, if you are a hardcore gamer of the Free Fire game, and have lost or forgotten your login credentials, and are completely disappointed, we can help you with this regard. Well, P King is an astonishing application that helps you in this endeavor. With it, you can recover your lost account details and other login credentials painlessly.

There are numerous third-party applications on the web that claim to unlock lost Free Fire accounts and locate login credentials of any FF account without any payment. Still, we can never trust any weird applications. On the contrary, P King is a reliable application, as it has been tested several times and has proved invaluable each time. Now it’s up to you to decide what you think. If you think this is a bit lucrative, don’t wait a moment, click the download link above and get it right away.

What is P King?

P King is a magical app designed to recover hack Free Fire accounts, as well as get forgotten login credentials of any FF gaming account. Moreover, this application is miraculous for the users who were associated with Facebook login. It means this is the ultimate way for those frustrated guys who have tried many tricks and tricks to get their accounts back. Yet, they have failed to recover their weaponry Free Fire account. If you also have encountered or experienced this stage, then go ahead and take this iconic application from this page. Trust me, this application will never disappoint you.

On the other hand, its most popular replica or alternative applications is still unfamiliar to many FF users. Any guesses about them? Well, they are Hacker Dark VIP and Robar Cuenta Por ID. If you want to get your lost Free Fire account as well as a Sultan account, then both of these applications are mandatory for you. Furthermore, in addition to its overview, its key features are listed below, which will amaze you and force you to use this indescribable application without thinking.

Features of P King FF APK:

As its services make it clear that this is just a Free Fire account recovery tool. That way, you can’t expect more features from it. Still, it has a bunch of features that make it more authentic than other FF account recovery tools. Therefore, let’s start opening the cover page of its features, which you will find on this application without paying a single penny.

  • This is a 100% reliable application for recovering hacked Free Fire accounts.
  • You can also find forgotten login credentials of your FF account.
  • Fortunately, it will not charge you a penny for its services.
  • Easy to use without any knowledge.
  • The app is secure and never asks for your personal information.
  • There are no advertisements or premium plans available in the app.
  • Password protection application with zero cost.
  • And many more features.

Password of this Free Fire App:

The following password will be required for you to open the P king APK and recover your Free Fire account. So get it right away.

How to download & use P King APK to recover FB affiliated FF accounts:

If you are choosing our platform to download & use this Free Fire application, then you have already done a great job. Well, APKSHOP is a well-known and capable source to provide third-party tools, apps, games, etc, as well as its malware, bug-free APK file. Anyhow, before proceeding, you’ll need to download its APK file for your smartphone device or tabs.

  • Hence, download P King APK for your FF game.
  • Now install it on your device without interruption.
  • However, if you encounter an error in the installation process, then you should open an unknown source setting for your device.
  • Finally, open it if you have performed the installation procedure on your device.

Apart from it, the application works with a password. Don’t worry, we’ve already given you the correct password under the password heading on this page. Therefore, copy it from there, and embed it in the app, and open the application in a second. After that, you need to embed the player ID, the details can be obtained using the operational account by looking in the account details. That way, you’ll be able to get the ID of that player. Finally, add it inside the ID box, and press the “Next” button nearby. That’s it. You have done it correctly. Therefore, wait a few seconds, and you will find the login credentials & password of your lost account.


At the last, all the FF users will raise the same question, whether P King APK is a legal application to recover a Free Fire account or not. Yes, king app is a legal and right application if you will use it to the ethical limits, and will only use it to recover your lost account or forgotten account details. On the contrary, if you use it for immoral activities or tasks, then it would be completely immoral and illegal. Therefore, we always make sure our visitors please use only the application in an ethical manner. However, if you use it for other purposes & benefits, then we will never be responsible for anything. That’s it.

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