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Hey folks, are you a lover of the goldmine famous game PUBG Mobile, and are you playing it with the whole essence? If so, you know that recently a new injector tool has just hit the market for all the crazy PUBGM fans and admirers like you. The tool is RsdMods APK for PUBG Mobile. You may have searched it several times on Google, but you may now end up searching here forever. Verily, it is known as the best Modification tool for PUBG, that’s why today we are furnishing it on this page. If you want to use it, then you can easily take it away by clicking on the download link button.

No doubt, in the current era, PUBG Mobile is the first love of every teenager and elder because PUBG is the only game that knows the mentality of every people. That’s why PUBG Mobile is the most popular and successful online game worldwide. According to stats, one Billion plus downloads with 90 Million plus active users daily, PUBG became an uncontrolled game in the world. With this intention, we want to contribute a small help through RsdMods for PUBG ESP fans. This is an assassin Injector tool, which is also helpful for gameplay.

In the easy words, RsdMods APK is a modification and hacking software Injector APP for PUBG Mobile ESP. It gives you a large number of cheats list in an illegal manner, which the official PUBG does not give you. Such apps are beneficial on the one hand and deadly on the other. The benefit is like this, if you use these cheats, then you will be more competent and more powerful in a game like Master Pro. And the deadlier is like this since these are illegal cheats against the term and conditions of the official PUBG. Hence, if you want to use these cheats, you have to use them wisely because sometimes such apps are harmful to the gaming account.

Available Hacks of RsdMods:

Ultimately, you have reached RsdMods App finest & fasted hacks and features for ESP PubG. No doubt, the application is a bit longer in the features. As we mentioned its top-quality hacks, which are necessary to know every user of the tool.

◐ No recoil 100%
◐ Less recoil
◐ No shake body
◐ No shake Scope
◐ No grass
◐ No rain
◐ No fog/smoke
◐ Small cross-hair seek bar
◐ Speed Fire
◐ Flash Speed
◐ Distance Scope
◐ Black Sky
◐ Speed after knockout
◐ Pron Speed
◐ Gaint body
◐ Anti-ban
◐ Night Mode.

I think these cheats are enough for your game PUBG Mobile if you perfectly utilize them. Moreover, we recommend you once again, please, first test it, then use it on your game and enjoy the complete bundle of new hacks without expenditures.

How to Download and use RsdMods PUBG?

As we told you, RsdMods APK PUBG Mobile is illegal and unethical therefore might be harmful to you. If you have already a high profile in the PUBG games, then don’t use it on your official account. That’s why we recommend you to use it on any quest account or any virtual space which saves your account. Moreover, the application is easy peasy to use.

◐ Download RSDMods PUBG ESP from the latest download link.
◐ Open an unknown source from your phone, it is also known as third party setting.
◐ Click the icon of the app grant permissions and install it.
◐ Next, once the application will be download, then open it.
◐ Here the application needs a password or key to open.
◐ Hence, enter the application password, that is given on the page and easily open it.
◐ Now you will be inside the app, so select the cheats and start to manipulate the PUBG Mobile.

Password key of RsdMods:

This executable tool’s destiny starts from the password key, hence the key is as follows below.


We have shared all the information about RsdMods APK with you. Moreover, if you want to get more hacks in the PUBG Mobile, then you have to check Dragon ESP Hack and FnMods Esp.

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