Tinkovu APK [Latest v1.8.20] Free Download

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Android 5+
April 11, 2022

Hello Guys, now you are going to be introduced to a unique social media networking app known as Tinkovu APK that is probably designed for couples whether married or not. Anybody using an android phone and tablet can download and install this useful app. This application is facilitating its user very nicely user can exchange feelings with their couple/partner.

Tinkovu APK is very easy to operate, first of all, you have to download and install this app from provided link here, then you will create your account to form a social network a code is being sent from one account to another. It is actually a romantic application that is being loved by couples around the world.

Tinkovu Long distance Relationship APK does not allow only to exchange expression but also text messages and pictures can be exchanged. Here I would explain also that this app is not specific for only a couple but friends can also download and use this because it is quite simple and easy to use. This does not require any special skills or knowledge, anyone using an android phone can easily handle this. It is available totally free of cost you will not be charged for it.

Most couples living in distant locations from each other prefer to have such an amazing app. In Tinkovu App social media networking application, users need to exchange a code first to get networked after that users can send or receive messages from each other. Here I would like to suggest that you must download and install Tinkovu Apk, and I hope you will have an amazing experience with it.

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Top Features of of Tinkovu APK:

  • It is the best application for couples to strengthen their family love bond.
  • Using this application your can send pictures, voice messages, text, and any more to your couple or friend.
  • This app will work like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger on your mobile phone devices.
  • Tinkovu APK is now trending all over the world, and especially all new couples are fans of this app.
  • Your sent pictures and other content Will arrive fastly here to there.
  • Using a nickname, you need to create a small account inside the application.
  • The app is a safe and fast working android application for couples.
  • Moreover, It gives you a fast and all-in-one keyboard to type messages fastly.
  • This application needs a fast data connection to give its services intensively.
  • Also, more numerous features are present in this new social app.

How to Download and use Tinkovu APK?

On this page, you will find the latest download link for Tinkovo ​​APK. Using it you can download this application for free. Once you will download then install it without wasting time, don’t forget to open it. Now here you have to log in with your nickname or you can put your full name instead. After that, you have to click on Next. Now after a while, this new latest social application will be ready.


If you are in another country or working far away, you can use Tinkovu APK as a messenger to communicate with your family at this time as it is absolutely free and fast too.