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Frankly, Mobile legend bang bang is one of the most successful loving MOBAs in Android today, where peoples effort with their capacities against battle opponents players. As a result, powerful opponents win the battle. Thus, the rest of the weak players also lose their game, because pro players take the lead in the game. That’s why every ordinary player obligatory needs to apply premium skills on the opponents to Compete. The truth is that every new player empty with skills. But Toxi Patcher MLBB will take you to the skills of the game, which indicates, it’s ample lucrative for you and your game.

Verily, Toxi Patcher is the production of a great developer and pro of Mobile legend bang bang. This person designed Toxic in a free Mod for all the paid & premium skins and skills of the MLBB game, which is often amazingly for newcomers and noobs of the battle. Ultimately, thanks to the services of this tool, everyone will now take the superiority in the battle and play the game like a master strategist. Overall, the Toxi Patcher is a Masterpiece, therefore, if you want to abstain forever from the battle humiliation, then you have to check out it once.

Toxi Patcher is also known as MLBB skins injector. It is similar to Nix Injector because it allows you to hack and use all types of ML skins, such as Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support. I know all the skins will be covered through these skin categories. Moreover, you will enjoy your game through these 10+ Battle Emotes from this masterful application. At the last of this app, Recall, Drone View, Loading Screen is in the pipeline, that is not yet available to users, probably, they will be available soon.

Availabe Hacks of Toxi Patcher:

For your information, we have mentioned all the available hacks of the application which are a bit unique for you.

Skins for ML Heroes:

As we told you before that the toxic patcher also knows as the skin injector app because of the large number of skins, and skins are as follows.

Tank: Tigreal, Hylos, Baxia, Atlas, Gatotkaca
Fighter: Chou, Yu Zhong, Dyrroth, X Borg, Khaleed
Marksman: Moscov, Miya, Bruno, Karrie, Clint
Mage: Esmeralda, Valir, Kagura, Pharsa, Harith
Assassin: Gusion, Fanny, Lancelot, Hayabusa, Helcurt, Ling, Hanzo, Selena


Battle Emotes are also one of the best and interesting part of the application.

FireMaster, Am I Scary? Energetic, Carry M, Hit Me, EVOS, Growl, Heart Breaking, LOL, Aurora Fire, Bren Sports, RRQ.

Coming Soon:

As you know that the some of its items are not useable for the users, because they are still pending. I think they will be available soon.

● Drone View
● Loading Screen

How to download and use Toxi Patcher?

● If you want to use it, first of all, download it from the download link.
● Now your downloaded APK file will be saved in your phone file manager.
● Nextly, install it and open it like a normal Android application.
● After opening the app, then here the application demands you to set up your profile.
● Now select any picture from your device gallery, next enter your name, and also put any four-digit pin.
● Don’t worry, you can put any type of digits, but must be 4 digits.
● Now you will be on the next page, here it will show a pin box, where you have to enter the pin which you were set before.
● Ultimately, you have done everything, therefore select your desired skins and other battle emotes to start the game.

How to create your own account in Toxi Patcher?

Moreover, you can watch the video and know How to create your own account in Toxi Patcher easily?


Besides its executable features, Toxi Patcher APK is such a good choice for the mobile legend bang bang, which will happy your mood and give you a wide range of other mobile legends benefits for you without expenditures. If you want to get it without cost, then hit the download link and easily save its great APK file. Nextly, follow the download & usage guidelines from the page and enjoy.

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